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Testimonials - Career Transition

"I am forever grateful for the advice and support I received from Dakin Partners. They gave me encouragement, comfort and confidence at a time when I sorely needed it. I was able to move through the program at my own pace and receive timely guidance during critical stages of my journey. .


Dakin Partners helped me to reflect, assess and re-prioritise my professional and personal aspirations and rebuild my brand. I cannot thank them enough, or recommend them highly enough. Thank you!"

Senior HR Manager

“Like many people, I experienced an unexpected career transition after being in my organisation for many years, which had a profound impact on my self-confidence and self-esteem.  I hadn’t had to apply for a job in more than 10 years and had a woefully outdated CV and no clue how to approach searching for a new role.  I was grateful that my organisation had provided me with the opportunity to have outplacement support, and after talking to a few providers, I chose Dakin Partners.


The people that I worked with – Peter, Blaire and David, did a magnificent job in helping me come to terms with the scale of change that I was experiencing and step-by-step, helped build my confidence.  It was affirming to have them re-frame my skills and experience in such a way that made me excited about looking for interesting roles and believe in myself again. It was lifesaving.  The preparation and support from the team was instrumental in my landing the very first role I applied for and I couldn’t be happier.”

C-Suite Executive
Higher Education

"My recent career transition was unexpected and came as quite a shock. Working with David, Peter, Blaire and the team at Dakin Partners was a godsend. 

Their guidance, resources and support enabled me to work through this difficult time and the rollercoaster of emotions involved to determine what I wanted and successfully aim my efforts in the right direction. 

David was patient, knowledgeable and understanding of my situation. He helped me to focus on what I wanted from my future career and how to achieve my goals.


His ongoing support enabled me to successfully land the role that I aspired to with the organisation I really wanted to work for. I cannot recommend the Dakin Partners team highly enough."

Facility Manager
Health & Hospitals

“Peter and the team at Dakin Partners provided me with highly professional career development advice. He met with me on multiple occasions and gave me extremely relevant advice about job applications I had been working on. Looking for work can be an anxious time. Peter and his team were very available, friendly, supportive and incredibly knowledgeable. This made the whole process quite a calm and exciting one. His knowledge of the market was up-to-date and introductions were very helpful. I would recommend Peter to anyone looking for career support and advice.”

Education Program Manager

“My contract was coming to a close and my employer offered me the opportunity to select from three executive career transition providers, Dakin Partners and two others. I interviewed each group, contacted some of Dakin Partners’ previous clients and settled on them because of the positive comments made by these clients and my own assessment that they had a professional, proactive, tell it like it is approach to help executives seek and secure satisfying positions.

This occurred during an uncertain point in my professional life, when I needed support, and the staff at Dakin Partners unfailingly showed a smiling, positive attitude that motivated me to succeed. They helped me with updating my resumes and sharpening my interviewing skills and I subsequently found a new position more quickly than I had expected. I have no doubt that the professional advice and support provided to me by the Principals, Consultants and office staff were instrumental in my success. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other executives looking for new opportunities.”

Victorian Statutory Authority

“My experience with Dakin Partners was resoundingly positive and, most importantly, supported me to identify and successfully take the next steps in my career. Their consultants understood and cared about my situation and needs, thereby amply demonstrating their significant experience with supporting people who unexpectedly find themselves unemployed. From the first to the last session with them, I felt empowered to see the opportunities that lay ahead rather than focus on the past and what I had lost. I received practical career planning and job seeking tools and advice, networking opportunities with key people in my field and access to critical resources such as an office and IT. Their program ensured that I was organised, strategic and thorough in my approach to the task of career transition. I could not have felt better prepared and more confident to achieve my desired career outcome. If circumstances have left you with the task of securing a new career pathway, engagement with Dakin Partners will undoubtedly provide a launching pad to successful transition.”

Team Leader

Community Services Sector

“I was fortunate enough to have the support of Dakin Partners during an unexpected but important career transition event.  Their assistance and advice helped me to select and secure my perfect role.  From my interaction with them I gained more confidence and a better understanding of my own skill set, a greater vision of my  career direction and understanding of how to achieve future goals.

Dakin Partners provided me with vital assistance to ensure I was competitive when applying for positions, sharpening up my resume and interview techniques.  However, more important was the support they provided in keeping me on task, providing great advice, asking the right questions and getting me to step back and consider my options.  Without their assistance, I would have selected the first job, rather than the right job.”

Project Finance Manager

Regional Health

“There’s no two ways about it, going through a career transition is difficult. The team at Dakin Partners helped me understand what is important to me in my career, identify what value I bring to an organisation and importantly the best method to approach the job market to find the next opportunity that was right for me. This was done in a supportive and human manner. It was a life-learning experience, for which I will be forever grateful.”

Communication Manager

Victorian Statutory Authority


Testimonials - Recruitment

“We engaged Dakin Partners to search for a State Manager for Victoria. That assignment was handled very well, so we engaged them to search for a new CEO. They were fantastic, advised us well at the outset, and kept us informed at every stage of the process. At all times I felt as though we were part of a focused team. They managed the entire process very professionally with a minimum of fuss and we achieved the outcome we sought. I would have no hesitation engaging Dakin Partners in the future.”

National Chairman

Health Sector

“Thank you for finding such a great candidate for our position of Director of Fundraising. I would like to compliment you on the way that Dakin Partners identified the type of person we were looking for, conducted the search and found the right person for the job and organisation. I have used your firm on a number of occasions and in different organisations and each time you successfully delivered. I would also like to mention the way in which you support the candidates as our new Director was very complimentary about Dakin Partners.”

Chief Executive

Health Sector

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