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Offering a range of topics, our interactive Career Management Workshops are delivered both online and in person. Each workshop is tailored to the needs of the organisation and its valued employees.

Dakin Partners support Employers and their Staff in preparing for times of change that may arise as a result of restructuring and merging of Departments, Agencies & Authorities resulting in redeployment opportunities, downsizing and potential redundancy. 

As Career Management Consultants with extensive experience we assist participants to analyse their career, transferable skills, training & development needs, determine their career objective and appropriate roles.

Offering a range of topics (listed below), our interactive Group Workshops can be offered as single sessions or in a career development series, with each session tailored to the needs of the organisation and their valuable employees. 


All Workshops have the option of being delivered online or in person for up to 15 participants per session.


Resume Preparation, Formatting & Customisation

Profile, Skills & Attributes, Achievements, Career History and how to customise your Resume

Career Review &
Your Next Role

Analysis of your career to date, evaluating your options & defining your Career Objective/Job Target

Identifying Your Key
Skills & Attributes

Identifying, understanding and articulating your primary transferable skills and attributes

Changing Roles within the Victorian Public Service

Enhancing your mobility to move across different Departments, Agencies and Authorities 

Applying for Roles, Internal Transfers & Redeployment

Reviewing Position Descriptions, drafting Cover Letters, addressing Key Selection Criteria

Marketing Yourself
Internally & Externally 

Networking and self-marketing for uncovering new opportunities especially in the ‘hidden job market’

LinkedIn Profile
& Social Media

Maximising LinkedIn and increasing your ability to be found by hiring managers and recruiters

Interview Preparation
& Techniques 

Common interview formats, preparation, behavioural questions, common mistakes and self-assessment

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