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Dakin Partners has a wealth of professional experience in a broad range of human resources consulting services for both large and small client organisations.


A leading provider of Career Transition & Outplacement Services with 37 years’ experience and outstanding success helping thousands of departing or redeployed employees across Private, Not-for-profit and Government sectors Australia wide.

Offering highly personalised and flexible programs, our experienced Career Management Consultants aim to support participants in coping with change and managing their health & wellbeing, enabling them to remain resilient throughout their career transition program and job search.

Our program can be delivered in person and/or remotely, facilitating  participants access to our comprehensive CareerConnect Online Portal which hosts 15 modules and a thorough selection of over 100 resources.


The program includes; evaluating the participant’s transferable skills, defining their career objective, preparation and reformatting of resumes, applications and cover letters, professional networking, self-marketing strategies, job applications, interview techniques, self-employment initiatives and social media.

In business terms, investing in professional and competent Executive Search, Recruitment & Contracting services can give an organisation its competitive edge.


At Dakin Partners these services are performed by experienced and well credentialed experts who have a thorough understanding of the needs of the client; the capacity to source a broad range of prospective candidates; a keen ability to assess them in light of the position criteria and organisational culture via in-depth competency based interviews; and provide the client with a quality short-list of candidates who have been benchmarked against all the requirements of the position and fully reference checked prior to final selection and appointment.  

For 37 years, our firm has been using well-tested methodologies to find and place quality candidates at middle management, senior executive, C-Suite and Board levels.

The people we recommend for appointment are attracted to an organisation’s potential, and nearly all are retained to become valued employees who progress their careers within the organisation.

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Dakin Partners support Employers and their Staff in preparing for times of change that may arise as a result of restructuring and merging of Departments, Agencies & Authorities resulting in redeployment opportunities, downsizing and potential redundancy. 

As Career Management Consultants with extensive Victorian Government experience we assist participants to analyse their career, transferable skills, training & development needs, determine their career objective and appropriate roles.

Offering a range of topics, our Group Workshops are delivered online or in person and are tailored to the needs of the organisation and its valued employees.

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