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Dakin Partners is a leading provider of Career Transition & Outplacement Services with 37 years’ experience and outstanding success helping clients and thousands of departing or redeployed employees across Private, Not-for-profit and Government sectors in Australia.

Our Planning Redundancy & Career Transition Manual is offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD to support the Employer in navigating their way through the complexities of restructuring, planning and implementing redundancies.


  • Understanding the Impacts of Job Loss

  • Planning Redundancy

  • Preparing for the Announcement

  • Guidelines for the Manager(s) on Announcement Day

  • Delivering the Message

  • Managing People’s Reactions

  • Survivor Syndrome Statistics

  • Impact on the Survivors & the Organisation  

  • How to Avoid Negative Impacts Associated with the Survivors

  • Important Points to Include in Your Plan

  • Managing Health & Wellbeing

  • What to Include in a Severance Pack

  • Career Transition & Outplacement Provider Checklist 

  • Layoff & Career Transition Planning Guide

Download FREE Manual
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